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If i know you i know what you'll do

You'll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream....

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I created this community to show my LOVE for sleeping beatuy. I am a very big collector and I love disney also. So this is so all sleeping beauty fans everywhere. Just join and talk about anything sleeping beauty.

I would appericate it, if within a week or 2 after you join the community that you post and introduce your self and tell us what you like about sleeping beauty. Thanks.

There is no promoting in this community allowed unless it has to do with another disney community. If you promote in here for something other then disney, you will get you post deleted and get a warning. You will get kicked out after 3 warnings. I do not want to do this but often times, people join communities just to promte. Thanks much!

If any of you have problems or questions you can contact me at:

Katydid1623@netscape.net Please put the title as sleeping beauty so i don't delete it.

Or you can talk to me on AIM. My screen name is: Katydid1623.