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6th September 2005

lady_kelly3:42pm: Sleeping Beauty
Hi, I'm Kelly and I am from the Netherlands. I love sleeping beauty as long as I can remember and my mom thinks I saw it way to many times. I just can't get enough of it! When I was little there were no Aurora Barbie's but now you can get them everywhere! I didn't found the one I wanted to have though :(
Anyway I like the blue dress the most because it just suits her, I wish I had that dress too!

2nd July 2005

ktbit16231:41am: GO HERE!!!!

30th June 2005

xx12ah3xx9:41pm: Hello. I'm rachelle. i'm 15 and i'm new at this but i'm obsessed with all disney princesses. Sleeping Beauty is my absolute favorite!
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13th January 2005

luna_chick12:42pm: pink or blue?
I know i just wrote an entery but i would like to know if you like the dress pink or blue. i go with pink.

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13th January 2005

luna_chick11:20am: Sleeping Beauty
Name: Theo
Age: 25

When i was little i would dance around with a blanket (for the cape) singing "once upon a dream". I watched Sleeping Beauty over and over. I drove my parents crazy.
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7th January 2005

eylyanamynameis7:19pm: HI!!!!
i just joined this community cause i LOVE Sleeping Beauty!!

26th October 2004

stayabove_water6:06pm: Hi
Hi all! My name is Cait and I am new to the board... I love Sleeping Beauty and I have for as long as I can remember. I'm glad I found this board and that there are other people who share my love of Sleeping Beauty
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28th May 2004

dizzyland13132:01am: and our story begins on that most joyful day....

I am excited about my new LJ icon.........other then that I watched sleeping beauty again, I think I know everyline word for word...

ha I am happy


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2nd April 2004

spiffygrub12:45am: all of my sleeping beauty stuff: lots of pictures!Collapse )

25th March 2004

hey everyone! i just joined. i have been a fan of sleeping beauty since i was about 2 years old.
i love everything about this movie, and i could never get sick of it.
i think the humor in this movie is highly underrated, and the artwork is just beautiful.
i have quite a few sleeping beuaty collector's items, and i also have a tattoo of maleficent which i got about two years ago. i am considering adding flora, fauna and merriweather to the leg that maleficent is tattooed on. that is if i think i can handle the pain again!
anyway, maybe i will post pictures of these things soon, if that is allowed in the community.

21st March 2004

lovelyminako11:16pm: come see my new layout! =)
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19th March 2004

dancelikemad4:44pm: Hi!
I'm Miranda...and I guess you could say I am a huge sleeping beauty freak. I never had the movie until it came out in September and I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the movie posters for it.

Gah! The movie is just soo great. I love the artwork and everything.
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16th March 2004

longing4dreams2:56pm: Hi I am new and I just wanted to say Hello!
In high school my friends and I picked Disney Princesses to be, and I of course picked Princess Aurora because it is my favorite Disney movie of all time.
I'm a sophomore at UNC Chapel HIll and I absolutely adore Disney - and I apparently have a sort of Princess complex. Everyone gives me Princess paraphanalia for presents - i have 4 tiaras... Princess dolls... etc... it's a bit rediculous.

So um in conclusion.. I Love Disney :-D

29th February 2004

slizzo1:06am: greetings
lol hey! my name is elizabeth and i am entranced in sleeping beauty. i think bout it wayyyyy too much haha. i <3 sleeping beauty. i love disney a hecka lot. tooooo many movies lol. but my personal faves are
sleeping beauty
nightmare before christmas
pirates of the caribbean
finding nemo
tons more but those i can watch a million times lol ummm yah! i love disney!! haha

24th February 2004

dizzyland13138:53pm: One gift, beauty rare
hi I joined this community because sleeping beauty is my favorite Disney animated feature. I think I like it because of its artistic stylings (Eyvind Earle is wonderful!) the famous square trees, the angularity, the music, the characters and dramatic and beautiful music. It is trully a masterpiece.
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23rd February 2004

king_walt6:36pm: Hey! I know this is slightly OT, but not too much so, I hope.

I'm mod of a Disney RPG on LJ, _everafter, and we've been tragically delayed in our opening, because we haven't quite filled all the roles we want to have filled at the point of starting. Unfortunately, the only main character from Sleeping Beauty that's left is Phillip (but we're absolutely dying for a good Phillip!) But there are plenty left from other movies, not to mention everyone in Sleeping Beauty who isn't Aurora or Maleficent.

If you think you might be interested, (and I really hope you are!) check the user info for more information.

26th January 2004

lovelyminako3:44pm: Toys!!!
here are my Sleeping Beauty toys!
I'm not obsessed.....I SWEAR! ;-)Collapse )

and for my senior Prom I had her dress made for me! blue of course ;-)
Prom!Collapse )
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27th January 2004

pieces_missing6:15pm: I have a theory
ok, so I have a theory on the dress color.

(By the way, I'm new, hiya! haha)

Yes her dress was originally blue and looks prettier that way, but they make most of the dolls and such pink!

I believe it is because they don't want any of the princess's dresses to match, because then someone may get confused.

Belle - Yellow
Snow White- A mix of blues, reds (cape!), and yellows
Ariel- Purple/Green
Jasmine- usually light purple
Cinderella - Blue

Now this is where the theory comes into play.
See her dress seems to be originally silver and sparkley, yet they make it blue for some reason. Probably so it doesn't look dull gray and the blue stands out more. Of course they don't want her and Aurora to match completely so they chose the pink for Aurora, thus making more variety.
The purples for ariel and jasmine qork since ariel is, well, a mermaid and the purple only covers the breasts.

When sold all together (such as the stamp set I have) It looks much better to have all of them wearing different colors, than all to be different and two the same.

So thus, giving Sleeping Beauty the Pink dress
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16th January 2004

pygma_lion3:19pm: Yay! This rocks!
Hi! I too love Sleeping Beauty. I think she's the best Disney princess because she's really the only one who was a princess without needing a man, and also knew how to live like an ordinary person.

When I was little, I think I loved this movies so much because of the artistic style. The characters are all either super-pointy, with a few really round ones thrown in. And the scenery is just gorgeous!

I saw a show about how many current Disney designers and animators have used Sleeping Beauty for inspiration because it was so revolutionary for its time. I can just stare at still screens for minutes at a time, because there's so much detail in the background.

Okay, I'm obsessive. And about the pink-blue issue...I actually like it best when she gets zapped by both and is all splattery.
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14th January 2004

lovelyminako5:32pm: YAY! A community I can relate to :)

A little about my Sleeping Beauty bg!

when I was 2-3 years old It was the only movie I owned (and it was recorded off tv) and I watched it so often, that my parents were convinced my spanish nanny learned english from it! hehehe.....

because I was a gulible child.... I believed everyone when they said "oh you look just like her!" "Are you sleeping beauty?" So of course I thought I was.

Now that I'm older, I have a colection of Sleeping Beauty dolls and trinkets. BUT I don't take it UNLESS she wears BLUE. I HATE pink!! Why do they always make her wear pink? Her dress is Blue!!!! it's only pink at the end when they do the pink, blue, pink, blue!....*sigh*.... those who know me know I obsess my point.

If you know where I can find a nice Icon for Sleeping Beauty that'd rock! =D
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6th January 2004

ktbit162311:01pm: Hello everyone.
I created this community a few days ago but it took me a little while to get it together. I am ready and willing to take all suggestions for the community info ro the back ground color scheme or icon. I'm not good enough to do icons or anything so anything is welcome. I just got this around to some communities so i hope you all join. If you want, within a few days after you join please introduce yourself and tell us why you like/love Sleeping beauty.

Thanks you modorator,

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